Talks & Presentations

As an established Lecturer on the Welsh Photographic Federation circuit, I enjoy a good reputation for giving interesting and informative presentations on various photographic subjects and travels. I am pleased to say I have visited nearly all the clubs in South Wales and a few further afield.

The main presentations I currently have are:

  • The World of Long Exposure and the Twilight Zone
  • Look before you enter – Competitions
  • Novices and a reminder for others
  • Shooting for a theme – Trees

The cost of a presentation will include a small professional fee of £55 (inc vat) Plus travel costs
(As a self employed photographer I need to keep the book-keeper happy)

Judging of Club Competitions

I am also active on the Judging Circuit and always try to be constructive with my comments and like to help novices with what I hope is good advice.

Things I would be looking for are: Impact, Creativity and style, Composition, Image or print presentation, Point of interest, Lighting, Colour balance, Technical excellence, Photographic technique and the Story telling of the subject matter.

I also believe in using the full range of scores available, I can’t see the point in just using a small range where everything is between 16 – 20 and try to use the full spectrum.

Judging Fee is based on current PAGB travel rates.